CIBC’s faculty know that faith and learning go hand in hand. As part of the great Christian intellectual tradition, our faculty understand that their role is to convey knowledge, foster wisdom, and advance spiritual and objective truth.

Systematic theology is a discipline of Christian theology that formulates an orderly, rational, and coherent account of the doctrines of the Christian faith. It addresses issues such as what the Bible teaches about certain topics or what is true about God and his universe.

Prof. Dr. Ch Prashant

Prof. Lee Hyun Huk

Asst. Prof. M. Sanjay


Bibliology is the study of the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible is the inspired source of knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternity. Without a proper view of the Bible, our views on these and other issues become clouded and distorted. Bibliology tells us what the Bible is.

Prof. Dr. Ch Prashant

Prof. Kim Hong Ju

Prof. P Shekar

Asst. Prof. Sanu Paheli

Missiology is a study of the sending forth or expansion of the Church. Missiology seeks to develop strategies for effective missionary work and church planting. In doing their work, missiologists interact with a wide range of professions, especially those of agriculture, education, medicine and public health.

Prof. Kim Hae Baek

Prof. Paeng Boo Young

Prof. Dr. Oh GuemSook

Historical theology is a historical discipline, one that approaches areas of theology using methods that are employed in the study of any other historical phenomena.

Prof. Jeong Seong Young

Prof. Kim Doek Hye

Prof. S Thomas

Asst. Prof. Miss Gracy Joseph

Practical Theology prepares Christian leaders to serve with intelligence and integrity in ministries that span from congregation to classroom, from spiritual practices to public service. As future pastors, teachers, and civic leaders, students learn to think deeply and broadly about the Christian faith and its relationship to church and world.

Prof. Gwang Hong Gyu

Prof. Vijay Christain

Prof. Bob Aleph

Asst. Prof. Prem John

Asst. Prof. Raju Bhandari

Asst. Prof. Dhiraj Nepune

Asst. Prof. Victor Suneel