Courses Offered

Residential and off campus day courses: Covenant Bible College offers you flexible learning opportunities, anywhere, anytime. CIBC equips people who are passionate about their call to ministry and prepares them for the work of God. We offer quality education with a broad curriculum from Certificate, Diploma, Degree programs  to Doctorate Programme. The Contact class program makes this training accessible to anyone, anywhere. Covenant International Bible College is Offering:

 Diploma in Theology is a Diploma level Theology course.

Diploma of Theology is the basic course design to teach the basic theological to acquire the knowledge of the theological studies on various subjects.And it is the one year course.About 30 lessons will be covered from the subjects in a year.

Candidate should have pass 10th or equivalent from the accredited institution.

Mode of teaching

DTh is the one year course offered through both contact classes and residential classes.

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Bachelor of Theology is the course design to teach and equip the candidates to go deep closer to the theological subjects in a systematic and scientific way for his/her personal growth in theology studies as well as in spiritual level with proper and correct knowledge of doctrines. And it is the three years course design with 30 subjects from the five major subjects of theological study in details. It also includes the pastoral training and practical field visit.Bachelor level of Theology includes three sub divisional courses:

  1. Bachelor of Theology (B.Th).
  2. Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.E).
  3. Bachelor of Christian Ministry (B.M).


Candidate should have pass 12th or have done D.Th or equivalent from the accredited institution.

Mode of teaching

B.Th is the three years course offered through both contact classes and residential classes.

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Master of Divinity (magister divinitatis in Latin) or also termed as MDiv, is known to be one of the first professional degrees in spiritual philosophy. The course curriculum mainly includes subjects related to Christian ministry and theology.

MDiv is a 3-year post-graduate course for students seeking to join the Pastoral profession. In this course, students study about ministerial skills, theology, history, language, the bible, and thus gain specialized knowledge in religious beliefs.

The master of Theology course prepares the students for serving in churches for noble causes or working as a social worker or religious teacher.

All Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs at CIBC are taught from a Christian worldview, integrating the message of the Gospel with the subject of study. See the College Handbook for more details of these courses or contact the Registrar on 092831 84789 or