About CIBC

Covenant International Bible College, in affiliation with Reformed Disciples Theological College, S. Korea, was started with a Vision at K. Kotapadu of Visakhapatnam District, AP, India.

COVENANT INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE is established in the year 2015 and has been running effectively in the countries like INDIA and NEPAL with the mission of equipping the people and the church with clear understanding of the word of God through theological knowledge and send them out in the world to preach and teach the Word of God with right doctrines for the kingdom of God.

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Main Campus

Campus in Visakhapatnam with Classrooms, Church 

CIBC Campus

Indoor & outdoor

Campus outdoor

Every Christian is given by God’s grace, an incredible privilege and high calling to participate in His redemptive work in the world. That’s a vision that we as a college are committed to and motivated by. Knowing that we are in last days, we encourage every student to carry out their calling with greater dedication, zeal and holiness.

There are fantastic team of Professors at CIBC and you can gain a top quality education. we are here to train and equip you to understand and teach the Bible well; to develop your skills in areas like Pastoral care, Evangelism, Youth ministry, Children ministry, and Leadership. To think biblically and theologically about life; to model a life of service to Jesus alongside other brothers and sisters within the family of God, wherever in the world God is calling you.

So, whatever course you are considering, you will experience a rich flavor of it, at CIBC. We invite you to take the risk of joining us and see where God takes you!.


The VISION of the COVENANT INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE is based on the BOOK OF ACTS of Apostles where it is said ” the one who has turned the world upside down has come here too”; the Vision is : “to turned world upside down.” And the verse for the dedication to the VISION, CIBC has the theme from the BOOK OF ESTHER : ” I will fast, and so I will go and if I perish, I perish” – Esther 4:16.


The goal of COVENANT INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE is to trained and sent out 2 lakh of Pastors for the work of the kingdom God by 2040.